Who We Are


Our Mission

Friends of the Shelter's mission is to provide for the humane treatment of Missoula's animals. Whether it is a pet in need or a shelter animal waiting for its forever home, we strive to ensure they are provided for.  Our volunteers work on their own time to promote events to bring awareness to our cause. We love animals and make it our goal to keep them safe and healthy to the best of our abilities.


Our Values

Friends of the Shelter is a 100% volunteer foundation. We have no paid employees and depend entirely on the generosity of our donors to continue to provide this valuable service. Because of this, we can put nearly all of our donations toward helping animals.

Our most important goal is to ensure Missoula's animals are treated humanely and find safe homes. We treat every request for assistance on a case by case basis, providing financial care within our capabilities. We help supplement vet costs, adoption fees, grooming, and spay & neuter costs.

95% of our donations go directly toward helping animals. The remaining 5% is used for maintenance fees and to fund our promotions and events.

We are a 100% non-profit 501(c)3 animal organization.

Our support also helps vet clinics by helping cover the costs of equipment and supplies purchased for the shelter, adoption and other fees paid to the shelter, etc. We occasionally help animal rescue groups outside the immediate Missoula area.

Your donation helps Missoula's animals.

A Missoula-based animal charity working to help pets, their owners, and the local shelter cover the costs of pet ownership.


FOS helps you connect with and protect your best friend. Supporting Missoula's shelter since 1996.

  • PO Box 1693 Missoula, Montana 59806

  • missoulafriendsoftheshelter@gmail.com

  • (406) 541-7387 Ext 2

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